Panel Boards

Panel Boards,are designed to seamlessly distribute power while safeguarding against short circuits and overloading, ensuring a secure and reliable electrical infrastructure.

At Cosine Industries, we utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, high-quality raw materials, and the highest design standards to create the best panel boards. We not only adhere to but surpass the standards outlined by the Philippine Electrical Code. This commitment ensures 100% circuit protection, instilling confidence in the safety and performance of our panel boards.

Our Panel Boards consist of five distinct components:

  1. Power Distribution Panel: Facilitates smooth power distribution, ensuring balanced flow across circuits within the panel board system.
  2. Main Distribution Panel: Acts as the central hub, efficiently directing and regulating power distribution throughout the entire panel board configuration.
  3. Lighting Panel: Offers focused control over illumination sources, optimizing lighting distribution within the larger panel board framework.
  4. Unitized Panel Board: Streamlines circuit management by consolidating multiple panel boards within a single enclosure.
  5. Control Panel: Encloses vital electronic devices for operating heaters, electric motors, and pumps, providing essential safeguards against abnormalities and controlling the operating machines in production lines.

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