Enclosed circuit breaker

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The modern power system deals with huge power network and huge numbers of associated electrical equipments. During short circuit fault or any other types of electrical fault these equipment as well as the power network suffer a high stress of fault current in them which may damage the equipment and networks permanently.

For saving these pieces of equipment and the power networks, the fault current should be cleared from the system as quickly as possible. Again after the fault is removed, the system must come to its normal working condition as soon as possible for supplying reliable quality power to the receiving ends. In addition to that for proper controlling of the power system, different switching operations are required to be performed.

A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow after a fault is detected.

Cosine Enclosed Circuit Breakers are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with applicable NETA/ANSI/NEMA & IIEE Standards.

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