Meter center

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Meter Centers are used in multi-tenant installations, or where there is more than one distribution utility entrance into an installation. Traditionally, meter centers are installed with analog metering devices that are manually read by a technician every moth. This would be okay if the all the metering devices are located in only One location. It would pose as a problem, when they are distributed all over a large installations.

The solution to this problem, is an Automatic Meter Reading system. It would require advance metering Devices that are hooked up into a network. This network would then be connected to a server, this server then reads the information stored into the metering software every month, giving us information regarding the status of each metering point in the system. This system saves time, and money not only in terms of manpower, but it also reduces the possibility of human error, that may cause undercharging that may lead to losses amounting to millions.

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